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Photos of mechanical football Zombies and a big trick

2022-07-02 01:03Football inspirational film
Summary: Botanists vs zombies 2 future world mecha football zombies with what plants to kill fastLevel 3 Wogua, and a big movePlants vs. Zombies 2. What happens when zombies in machine armor encounter holograp
Botanists vs zombies 2 future world mecha football zombies with what plants to kill fast
Level 3 Wogua, and a big move
Plants vs. Zombies 2. What happens when zombies in machine armor encounter holographic walls (holographic nut trick)_ Hundred
1. It won't disappear automatically after a long time. Unless zombies chew it off, of course. After being chewed off, it will recover by itself. If it is equipped with a medicine box pendant, its self recovery will be accelerated. After being chewed off, its base can still be seenPlants vs. Zombies 2 will push plants back. What plants can stop zombies
The zombies mentioned by the landlord should be mecha football zombies that can push plants back in the future world, and Qigong zombies in the Kung Fu world suck plants forward. The robot football zombie has his formidable defense and the damned attack method of pushing plants out of the screen, which makes people headache, but I still have a way to deal with himPlants vs zombies, all stars, how will the world live in the future
No one can compare with the zombies of ejector dancers. A rock fan can easily fly over the obstacles of plants, and is worthy of being a good sneak attack. There are also huge robot football zombies, and robot bugs and little ghost zombies that usually act in groupsWhat plants are zombies afraid of
The robot football zombie is a very disgusting zombie. It can push your plants backward, and the plants in the last row will be directly pushed out, and its physical strength is very hPhotos of mechanical football Zombies  and a big trickigh, so it is a very powerful zombie. The specifPhotos of mechanical football Zombies  and a big trickic playing method is: using charged grapefruit, with high attack power, combined with frozen lettuce and pulse yellow peach, it can be killed, if possiblePlants vs zombies football how do zombies cope
Football zombie features: not only high destructive power, but also fast moving speed. Countermeasures: Method 1: weakening method. At night, you can use magnet mushrooms to suck away his helmet. Method 2: deceleration method, ice shooter, ice mushroom, ice watermelon, can make his speed rapidly reduce. Method 3: second kill method, hot pepperPlants vs zombies II. How to pass the third level of crazy doctor
First attack the plants in the penultimate row, put a few bucket zombies, and add them according to the situation. After the attack, the last row is no longer protected by the peas in the penultimate row, and you will be given no sunshine! Use ordinary zombies to eat the plants in the last row one by one to get sunlightIs zombie blood thick in machine armor roadblock or machine armor football zombie blood thick
In the international version, it is the same thickness. If you use a cherry bomb to blow up these two zombies, and then use five peas each, you can break the mecha. The landlord can try it
Watch the value of the war between zombies 2. How does the doctor break through the 50th level of the war
First, kill 1 to 3 rows of disposable plants with ordinary zombies. It's worth 50 sunshine for 150 sunshine. Use mechanical football zombies to push down the plants in the last row (I think this zombie is very stupid in the main road, and my defense line will collapse if there are more zombies). The first row and the third row are the samePlants vs. Zombies 2 what plants can withstand mechanical football zombies in the future world
Of course, the first choice is pulse yellow peach, which can make nearby 5 5 mechanical zombies stop. Frozen lettuce is OK, but it may not freeze when zombies are dense. I use corn and thorns to play this level, because he can't push the thorns. There must be a variety of frozen corn with corn. He soon died
Photos of mechanical football Zombies and a big trick

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